Masayoshi Tsuge, Ph.D.
Disability Science, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Intellectual Disability, Developmental disability, and Behavioral Disorders studies
Lab. for Inclusive Education Future


Talk about the future

Interview, lecture, writing, etc. (after October 2021)

  • Sankei Newspaper, Interview February 2023
    “Disappearance Cases of Persons with Intellectually Disabilities -To Consider the Current Situation and Solutions-“
  • NHK, Interview February 2023
    “How to promote disability understanding education for 5-year-old children ?”
  • JAM THE WORLD -UP CLOSE- (FM J-WAVE), September 2022
    Podcast (September 21, 2022) “Separate Education for Children with Disabilities” (Interview with Ms. Tomoko Nagano)
  • Education Newspaper, September 2022
    “Concerns over permanent isolation of children with disabilities at school Recommendations from the United Nations Commission on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” (Comment: “Reception of the content of this recommendation and its impact on special needs education in Japan”)
  • Jiji Press, Naigai Kyouiku, Short comment January 2022
    “Developmental Disabilities and SEN”
  • Chuunichi Newspaper, January 2022
    “Reasonable accommodation for high school entrance exams” Feb. 9, 2022
  • Kyouiku Newspaper, Interview December 2021
  • NHK, Program Committee
    New Program“dekoboko-ponn!”(trial)
  • Mainichi Newspaper, Interview December 2021
    “34 cases of abuse and corporal punishment in special class at Elementary school, Himeji city / Specialist disability education Improvement of specialty”
  • NHK, Interview November 2021
    “About cooperation in related fields related to developmental disability support in visit support such as nursery schools”
  • Google Japan, Lecture at In-house event October 2021
    “What is needed to create a society where people with developmental disabilities and intellectual disabilities can live confidently and brilliantly-Toward inclusive education and the realization of a society-”